Dramatically improve the effectiveness of skincare products with b.glen's exclusive skin penetration technology QuSome® is a drug delivery system (DDS) that was developed by Dr. Brian Keller, the world authority on DDS.


About QuSome®

About QuSome®

Most skincare products only sit on the skin surface. The b.glen mission — To make skin care products that work by facilitating ingredient penetration to the site of action using our proprietary penetration technology called QuSomes®

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Technical Data


The safety data of QuSome®, the basic data of QuSome®, videos of Dr. Brian Keller, penetration tests and graphs.
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For Doctor


Currently, QuSome® is mainly interested in dermatologists and cell researchers. Please contact us if you are interested in QuSome®'s research and clinical application, which may be widely used in medical practice.

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